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Coach Walter

-Last update 2023 -

"Hi, I'm coach Walter, the lead instructor for this course.

Born in 1975, I'm a long-time Professional Martial Arts Instructor, having been teaching for almost 25 years at this time.

I studied PRACTICAL BOXING with Chris Price, becoming his collaborator and instructor of the system.

I'm also an instructor of the well-respected British Combat Group, founded by Peter Consterdine and Geoff Thompson.

In Kickboxing I'm a WAKO coach (former Xen-do Instructor).

I'm also still competing as a Veteran athlete.

At the moment I'm the WAKO national champion and I'm training for the next World championship.

As a fighting sport and self-defence coach, I have a passion for mental coaching, as I think it should be a fundamental to every modern Martial Arts system.

Along my Martial Arts path, I trained in all kinds of fighting systems.

I also taught for many years CapoeiraItalian Military Knife Fencing and Systema.

Still, PRACTICAL BOXING stands out from everything I've done as something unique!"

- Coach Walter -