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Mastering Fear: Martial Artist and Hypnotist
In our ever-evolving journey of self-discovery, one universal aspect that often takes centre stage is our relationship with fear.At Sharp Shield, we pride ourselves on delving into conversations that shed light on critical life topics.Today, we'...
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How to deal with a Group Fight? Talking with Peter Consterdine.
Mob fights? We asked Peter.Peter Consterdine is a renowned martial arts expert and one of the most respected figures in the self-defense and martial arts world. With over 59 years of experience in the industry, he is a 10th Dan Black Belt in karate. ...
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Is your poor techniques affecting your fighting performance? Why you can't rid of it?
Are there bad habits and poor techniques affecting your performance?Do you ever find it very hard to get rid of them?Well, even experienced fighting athletes can struggle with this, as their performance is so ingrained.These habits are so hard to bre...
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Chris Price about Wrestling and Boxing
Which grappling style combined with boxing works best for self-defence?Our choice is Greco-Roman wrestling.Throughout history, boxing and wrestling have frequently merged and separated. This included a form of wrestling akin to today's Greco-Roman st...
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Cris Price, Paractical Boxing
Chris Price
Listen to Chris Price talking about some PRACTICAL BOXING principles.In this clip taken from a training session, Chris Price, talks about the evolution of boxing and the impact that gloves have had on the sport.Before gloves were introduced, fighters...
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Why PRACTICAL BOXING is so effective?
The history of the system.PRACTICAL BOXING has been developed since the late 70s in the South London area of Croydon.As Chris Price used to say:“Croydon was a place that was far from ordinary at the time, as it was home to mob fights and folded knife...
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